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Purestar's Double Twist Wash Mitt is a premium high performance ultra-soft wash mitt, an ideal car wash tool that removes contaminants easily and safely. Designed and manufactured in Korea using the very latest microfiber technology and procesess, it is specially made to prevent any damage such as light scratching or marring to the paintwork. This is very comfortable and safe to use and its long microfibers attract dirt and grime away from the surface of the paintwork and the dense sponge core inside holds lots of shampoo allowing for maximum glide and slickness, making this wash mitt incredibly safe. Its durability makes this wash mitt comfortable for use during long periods, not falling easily.


  • Excellent in collecting pollutants in the form of two kinds of thread

  • Made of microfiber reducing scratches and removing contaminants from the surface safely

  • Easy to wash underneath cars thanks to the wrist bending not allowing the mitt to fall out of hands 

  • Material: 100% Korean Microfiber

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